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I’m not sure if my idea will work?

No problem. Formation Zone offers a pre-start package for people who want to test-drive an innovative business idea.  For just £60 you can access support, a professional workspace and meeting room* to see if your idea has the potential to develop.  If it does, you move onto our full-time service.

*this is for two months only


You’re only open to students aren’t you?

No, we welcome anyone who has an innovative business idea. Although we have clients who have come straight from University, we also have people who decide to pursue a business idea later on in life.

That’s one of the attractions of Formation Zone –clients bring with them a host of different experiences and contacts that can be shared with other businesses.


But I don’t have money to spend on hiring a workspace, I’ll work from home…

Although we know money is tight, being in Formation Zone is a great investment in your business idea. Having a dedicated workspace makes separating work and home life easier and your business more productive.

You also get access to a meeting room and a postal address in a prestigious building – your business will look and feel more professional to both your existing clients and potential ones.

You’ll be supported too through monthly business development clinics and 1:1s with the Formation Zone manager.


Will I be tied into a lengthy and expensive contract?

Not with Formation Zone. We work on an ‘easy-in, easy out’ monthly rolling basis, meaning that you are not committed to a long term rental contract.

Our rates are very competitive and you get more than just office space. With us you get business support and instant access to our network of clients and alumni.


I don’t need to work with anyone else, why would working alongside other companies help me?

Working hard to start up a business can be lonely.  But being in the same space as other start-up companies on a daily basis means that you are all going through the same things together.

You’ll start building relationships, exchange experiences and make new contacts, either over a brew in the office or at networking events.  In fact, three companies who met in Formation Zone have gone on to form a collaboration and are now benefiting from their ability to offer more services to clients.


How long can I stay?

Two years. After which you’ll be fully supported to find suitable grow-on accommodation.  Once you leave you’ll be part of the Formation Zone alumni network and will continue to receive invites to networking events, e-news containing useful information and our informative newsletter.


How does the support work?

Through The Cube: Business Creation & Growth Services Formation Zone clients can book 1:1 appointments on business development, accountancy and legal advice sessions.

If your business idea could benefit from University of Plymouth facilities and expertise we can arrange introductions and we will keep you updated with news and opportunities from our business support partners.


What other things does Formation Zone do to help people with business ideas?

Through The Cube: Business Creation & Growth Services Formation Zone clients can access a variety of business support tools and advice.


I’m not ready to come into Formation Zone yet, how can I keep in touch?

You can ‘Like’ us on Facebook – or follow us on Twitter @formationzone.

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