Who's it For?

Formation Zone is perfect if you have a business you want to grow in a supportive and collaborative environment

Formation Zone is for you if you are looking for low-risk, affordable, and professional office-space to help you increase productivity and grow your business.

We are experts at helping new businesses get off the ground, giving them the helping hand they need to avoid early stage pitfalls and become sustainable and growth ready.

If connectivity is important to your business, then you will benefit from Formation Zone having one of the fastest internet connections in the region.

Whether you have experience of running a business before or not, if you have a great idea, we are here to help you develop it into a successful business.

Formation Zone welcomes businesses in these sectors:




Professional services




Health and wellbeing

Formation Zone works with start-ups and established businesses across these sectors and with a range of business models including social enterprises.

We provide a place where you can access the professional advice and supportive environment needed to thrive.

Our space encourages collaboration and our meeting rooms, facilities and prestigious address will give you an edge in business.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, take a look at what our clients have to say about their time in Formation Zone.

Tom Pavelle, CAZMAT
“I feel that being in the Formation Zone is making a choice to surround yourself with innovators, and people of a similar mind-set. That means you are in a room full of people who are all doing amazing things, and are keen to hear what you are up to.”


Andrea Chandler, Total Monkery
“The environment in the Formation Zone is unlike anything else I have ever experienced. It’s very nurturing and all the staff are there to help and support you, it’s not at all cut throat and nobody wants to leave once they’re here.”

Andrea, Total Monkery

Martyn King, Fuel
“Being able to collaborate with other businesses based in Formation Zone allowed us to enhance our offer and I’m very happy to say that, as a result of being in Formation Zone, we were able to grow faster than we would have otherwise.”

Martyn, Fuel


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